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Jewish Essentials: A spiritual Guide to Jewish Life and Living

  • The Jewish Essentials Course is an eight week introduction to the foundations of Jewish life. Blending the spiritual and the practical, it is a journey from our historical roots to its contemporary application, presented through textual and practical demonstration of some of the most essential elements of active Jewish life.

    Beginning with an overview of the role and significance of Torah and the Mitzvot of our lives, the Essentials Course proceeds to display how each of the practical Mitzvot plays its role in positively transforming the world to bring its Divine source to the fore.


    FEE: $69 COURSE

  • The Lessons Include:

    1. Torah and Mitzvot: Your Direct Connection
    An Overview of the Jewish thought and practice - Torah and the Mitzvot - that have provided Divine guidance and focus in our private and public lives throughout the ages.

    2. Prayer: Working for Change
    The Jewish Prayer Senice is an inspiring daily workout, a ladder climbing to new heights in self-development that breathes new life and light into our world every day.

    3. Torah: Receiving the Gift
    Given in a blaze of Divine glory at Mount Sinai, the Torah unfolds through the Prophets, Sages, scholars and laymen in every generation in an ongoing discovery that illuminates the mind and delights the soul

    4. Mezuzot and Tefillin:
    Inside out the classical symbols of our Jewish heritage - the Mezuzot on our doors and the Tefillin on the head and hand - reveal their fascinating mystical influence even in material affairs.

    5. Shabbat: The Royal Seal
    The Shabbat is unique, the Creator's signature day in the week: we will discover and define the spirit of this perfectly Divine day.

    6. Kashrut: Soul Food
    Man does not live by bread alone, and there is a dimension beyond physical health: the food we has wondrous spiritual potential and the Kosher laws are the key that unlocks it.

    7. Mikvah and Marriage: Complete Immersion
    An act of creation itself, spousal intimacy is the holiest of all human activities: and the modern Mikvah ritual bath - crystal clean and comfortable, even luxurious - enhances and enriches the most important relationship in our lives.

    8. Ahavat Yisrael and Tzedakah: Keys to the Redemption
    The deepest expression of our relationship with G-d is actually in the way we approach one another, and it is the selfless acts of love and charity that are the keys to universal redemption. 

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