JewQ Logo.jpgWe are super excited and so proud to announce that Chabad of Anne Arundel County's Hebrew School of the Arts is participating in the new International Torah Championships for Hebrew Schools!  Students in grades 3-6 will have the opportunity to master the fundamentals of Jewish knowledge and compete with students of Chabad Hebrew schools around the world. 
This is an incredible initiative on behalf of the global Chabad Hebrew Schools Network to advance the Torah knowledge of Jewish children worldwide. Never before has such an opportunity been available to Hebrew School students! We are thrilled to take part in it. 
Your child will need your support and encouragement to get involved and stay motivated throughout the four months of this competition. 
How does JewQ work? 
JewQ involves a learning period during Hebrew School and reviewing the material at home – with a few tests. Any child that averages 70% across these 3 tests will  earn a spectacular surprise grand trip and will qualify for the Regional Championships, where they will face students from MD, DC and VA in an effort to make it to the International Championship.
If your child masters his JewQ learning using the specially-prepared Living Jewish book, and wins his way to the International Championship, he or she will be treated to the CKids Shabbat in NYC in March 2019 / Adar I 2019 . Along with the other winners from around the world, your child will experience the trip of a lifetime to NYC!  The weekend will culminate with the International Championship, where the ultimate winner of JewQ will be crowned. 
Will it be your child?!
We invested a tremendous amount of time and money into this amazing program. However, in order for it to be a real success we need your support, encouragement and participation. We've purchased a book for each student but in order for your child to review at home we are asking parents to purchase their own books for $20 each. You could purchase one per child or have your children share. 
To submit payment and receive your book, please click here.
We are very excited to be a part of this global and powerful initiative, and strongly encourage you to support and help your child succeed!  
To learn more about JewQ and the CKids Shabbat, please visit
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.
P.S. To view a short clip about what JewQ is all about click here.